A bit about me

Before becoming a web developer I studied philosophy and religion at the University of Kent. I then went on to try my hand at content writing and graphic design. It wasn't long, although it felt it before I found my true calling. The ultimate combination of left and right brain: designing and building websites! When I'm not at the computer I enjoy playing tennis, making vegan creations in the kitchen with my girlfriend and making digital art prints.

why work with me

I am passionate about designing beautiful and user-friendly websites. I combine this passion with a compulsive nerdy need to write great code. I've been doing freelance web development for just over a year now. As a relative newbie, I provide excellent value for money. I put the needs of your business first, which also invariably means the needs of your clients, and this results in a super user-friendly, SEO friendly and Google algorithm friendly website.

my values

I am always transparent when setting out what work I will do and how much it will cost. My preference is to work with friendly and good-willed companies and individuals.


What's the cost of a website?

This will vary greatly depending on what you need but generally a brochure style website will be between £1000 and £3000. If you let me know what your ideal website would be I can get back to you with a quote.

Do you only use Wordpress?

Wordpress is what I have the most experience using and I think it is a superb option for almost all small to medium businesses. For smaller companies, or portfolio websites, I often use Squarespace as this provides a more cost-effective and simple to use product.

How long does a website take to build?

Typically a brochure website will take between 2 and 4 weeks after starting, e-commerce sites can take a bit longer. I remain on hand for a month after the website is handed over to iron out the kinks.

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