The brief

Cool 4 Cats previously had a bit of a relic of a website so they needed a refresh on the design front and a complete rebuild. Tim, the paper engineer and creator of Cool 4 Cats, makes all sorts of awesome and whacky paper automata kits. He wanted the site to showcase the kits, show off the videos and make sure it was easy and simple to make purchases.


Ecommerce with PayPal
WordPress theme design
Mailchimp email marketing

The approach

The ecommerce website uses WordPress and WooCommerce. It's a fairly standard set up using PayPal as a payment gateway and MailChimp for email marketing. YouTube videos integrate into the homepage and product pages and we have used Modula Gallery plugin for some creative displaying of the videos and for the nice video lightbox it provides.

The results

Within a few months of release the website has already doubled in traffic and the sales are coming in at a nice pace. Utilising the email marketing and some additional socail media marketing should have the site flying to new heights. Tim has been pleasantly surprised by the ease of management of the website.

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