the brief

Papersmyths are a paper engineering company from Bristol. They design and publish all sorts of wonderful things made from paper, including pop-up brochures, books and cards. Despite being a small company they do business on a global scale and work with the likes of Virgin, Sky, Red Bull and Ben and Jerry's.


Improve page load time
Get onto the first page of Google search
Update look and feel
Add contact forms
Papersmyths homepage hero image on a laptop

the approach

To get a big improvement on page load speed I streamlined the content and resized and compressed all the images. I implemented all the usual SEO tactics of alt tags, meta descriptions and keyword targetting, whilst also improving the usability of the site.

The site originally didn't have a contact form, so I added a simple form as well as a more complex 'request a quote form' to enable Papersmyths to move their projects along at a more efficient rate.

Papersmyths portfolio screenshot

the results

Papersmyths is now ranked in the first position on Google for the main keyword and places on the first page for a number of others. They have seen a significant increase in traffic and a 30% increase coming from Google search.

The implementation of the 'request a quote' form has been a huge success and has helped speed up the process of getting contracts.

"Peter is great to work with, very diligent and alway makes time for you when you need him. Since taking over the management of our website he has provided a number of improvements and additions that have had a real impact on our sales. He continues to provide excellent advice and guidance for the next steps on out site."

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