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Everyone needs better SEO on their website because better SEO equals more business and greater reach but there is a smart and efficient way to do this and that is what I’m here to do for you. I work with small businesses, freelancers and charities in Bristol improving the presence of their website and brand on the web.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The idea is that as an SEO expert I work with you and your site to optimise it so it will show up in search engines, such as Google or Bing, for valuable keywords that drive your business conversions.

There is a huge amount of tactics that are involved in this process. These include keyword research, keyword targeting, page speed optimisation, link building and content planning. What we work on will depend upon the specific needs of your business because there is definitely not a one size fits all solution to improving website SEO.

Bristol SEO

I’m based in Bristol and I work with and have worked with a great variety of Bristolian businesses and freelancers. The work I do and advice I provide always puts your business interests first. I have an excellent track record of improving website traffic and gaining the all important first page and number one spots for key search terms.

Quality SEO takes time and effort. I don’t make any false promises of fast improvements or guaranteed results. There are untrustworthy developers and agencies out there that will make such claims. The work I do on SEO uses all white-hat SEO tactics so this means no link buying or anything that might get your website blacklisted from Google.

SEO services

Here are some of the main services I provide but there are a lot more so do ask if you don’t see what you are looking to be worked on.

Local SEO

Improvements for those local Bristol search terms.

SEO Plans

For small businesses who don’t have a huge budget I can spend around 5 – 10 hours making adjustments and putting together a plan for you to carry out and continue the growth and improvements.

Analytics and Search

Connecting your website with Google Analytics and Search provides a lot of valuable information for what to do next.

Keyword research

The foundation of a good SEO plan is targeting good keywords that will drive the right customers to your website.

Page speed

A fast website is a must and if you haven’t had your website made by a quality web developer it will often not be and this negatively affects SEO.

Backlink building

Gaining backlinks (other websites that link to your website) is one of the most important tasks for growing traffic and almost always involves creating good quality content.

My Approach to Growing Your Website

I offer a broad and holistic approach to SEO. Being a developer and a designer on top of doing SEO means I can make all the improvements necessary. For example, if your site needs tuning up for speed I can make adjustments to the code to do this or if you need a better page layout with some attractive call to actions I can design and implement these. Of course, SEO agencies can also provide this as they have dedicated people in these roles but with this comes a big price tag. As a freelance SEO expert, I offer excellent value for money and this is why startups and small businesses like working with me over bigger agencies.

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